Welcome To K-STUDIO™

K-STUDIO™ is a fully integrated software and studio design company that provides state of the art design concepts to teaching facilities and golf centers in the United States and abroad. We partner with our customers to offer solutions that drive player development and facilitate sustainable growth in local markets. Centered around our GASP™ integrated software, our team utilizes a 5 Step customized design processes to create an indoor teaching experience that is unmatched in the industry. The overall goal is to create an enjoyable working environment centered upon a coaching model that capitalizes on long-term commitment.

Meet Our Team

Matt Atkins

Studio Consultant

Matt Atkins leverages a diverse background in software integration and technology to lead a revolutionary studio design business. Always mindful of a teacher’s perspective, Matt’s professional background brings a unique mixture of golf and technical experience to the studio design world.  Matt’s experience in the golf industry have taken him from such prestigious country clubs such as PGA West in La Quinta, CA out east to Westchester Country Club in Rye NY. In his role at K-STUDIO, Matt and his team have developed an integrated software technology and process that allows teaching professionals to fully integrate their golf performance centers. This systematic approach allows public and private resorts, indoor studios and full-time teaching professionals to build state of the art centers that maximize performance and return on investment. With an eye for detail and emphasis on process, Matt’s knowledge and business experience allows K-STUDIO to develop customized solutions for teaching professionals around the globe.

Tony Morgan

Technology Consultant

Tony Morgan is a Class A PGA Professional who specializes in swing efficiency improvement. As a Managing Partner for K-STUDIO, he oversees the company’s product development and educational division, including the implementation of programs designed to drive swing efficiency awareness. With over 16 years of experience, Tony has helped develop the K-VEST Level I & Level II certification programs, focusing on the effective analysis and real-world improvement of swing biomechanics. His educational programs are supported by a comprehensive understanding of technology, motor learning, 3D swing analysis, physical screenings and golf-specific training programs designed to maximize performance. In additional to his role at K-Motion Interactive, Tony has been featured on the Golf Channel, ESPN radio, and has spoken at many PGA section educational seminars. He has presented at the 2012 World Scientific Congress of Golf and the 2014 New England PGA Teaching Summit and was recently invited to speak at the 2014 Australian National Coaching Summit.



Steve Gould

Studio Consultant

Steve has been a Qualified P.G.A. Golf Professional for over 30 years and currently a fellow member of the P.G.A. GB&I. He is also the CEO of GASP Systems Ltd a golf technology company in the UK and official suppliers for the P.G.A. (GB&I) specialising in video capture systems and golf studio design.

Steve brings his depth of coaching knowledge from his time spent as England Regional Golf Coach, coupled with a wealth of experience in Golf Studio Design, Golf Systems and software, gained over the last 20 years as CEO of GASP Systems.

GASP Systems have installed over 300 golf studios around the world, his experience in an ever changing market is invaluable to development at top class coaching facilities



Doug Diamond

Lead Engineer

Doug Diamond is a project management professional with more than 20 years of design consulting and construction experience.  His design and forensic engineering background combined with his hands-on experience in construction and industrial design provide a unique set of skills that lend itself to designing studios in new spaces as well as retrofitting existing spaces for fitness and golf professionals’ needs.  As an avid golfer, Doug built his first residential practice studio and golf simulator in 2010.  Since then, he has designed, built and retrofitted several residential and commercial studios.  His combined experience as an engineer and golfer using integrated platforms provides a well-rounded perspective in the areas of design, installation, training and support. Doug has also been certified in golf fitness by the Titleist Performance Institute.