To record a video that is to be sent to a smartphone, press the Lesson Button on the top taskbar. You will then see the below window.

Here you are able to add an Intro or an Outro.

Choose between recording the video window, the whole program screen or the desktop.

  • Area to record Video Window – This will record the video window only.
  • Area to record Main Window – This will record the entire program to enable you to record data as well
  • Area to record Desktop – This allows you to drag other programs in front of Gasp Lab4 which will also be added to the recording. Such as a Launch monitor program or Kvest.


You must always add a description.

Finally add in your username and password>login and a list of students will appear ready for you to select.

Once you have selected, press OK. You will then be presented with the window below and after selecting OK your lesson analysis will start.


During your analysis the lesson button will flash. If you want to pause the recording or finish the recording select the lesson button again. This will open the window below.