*An important note is that GASP Lab4 should be opened prior to K-vest in order for it to receive the K-vest data*

In order to effectively integrate K-VEST data into your GASP software you will first need to make sure you are utilizing some form of hit detection (See Capturing Videos > Launch Monitor or Hit Mic). Once hit detection is setup the only step you need to do prior to capturing a swing on K-VEST is make sure you  camera is live on your screen. NOTE: Check and make sure hit detection is working prior to capturing on K-VEST. K-VEST data will not integrate if hit detection is not triggered.

After your camera is on live and you are sure hit detection is working, navigate to your K-VEST software and capture a swing as you normally would.

NOTE: K-VEST and GASP Lab4 are most effectively used with a dual monitor and extended screen. Please contact support if you would like more information on this setup.