So you want to start an indoor golf facility? You have dreams of opening a studio with a small gym, two simulators for people to practice, a putting green and an indoor sand bunker. Maybe one day you’ll even hire a few employees to generate enough revenue so you can have a successful business doing what you love. Sound about right?

Our team runs into this situation a lot being in the studio design business. Golf, Fitness, and Medical professionals want to integrate a golf experience for one of few reasons: passion, revenue or value add. Whether you are looking to implement this model because you are interested passionate about golf, or because you love the game or simply because you are looking to add a new source of revenue to your current business, you will first need to know what model works and why.

Before we dive right into what is working well in the market, we should make sure to weed out what definitely doesn’t work. The biggest mistake I’ve seen thus far is people too often investing in “the next big thing” or the nicest, classiest facility that money can buy. What I am about to say next may not appeal to the big business of America, but for the remaining 95% of us, listen in. When you invest a lot of money in the “next big thing” someone out there will always come invest more, a few years down the road they will have the next best thing and your old facility will fade away. Now I want to be clear, by no means am I saying to skimp on your facility or don’t make it look amazing. What I am saying is be careful putting your mindset in having the “coolest, badest, newest” facility on the market. THAT MINDSET WILL SET YOU UP FOR FAILURE – if not combined with the essential ingredients for success.

What is key is to invest in yourself, invest in your education, and invest in technology that can make your players better. Your initial design definitively needs to be focused on attracting new clients, and a nice facility will certainly help do that.  But, investing in technology that allows you to become a better professional and your students to get it in the hole in less strokes will undoubtable trump any expensive cabinets, flooring, or fancy design.  What will make your business succeed when the next best thing pops up right down the road? That’s simple, a clientele base that knows who local expert really is. People will continue to invest in you because you invest in things that help them. At the end of the day, these are the customers that will develop a relationship with YOU and refer clients to your facility because you stand for the right things.

So before you put your mindset into “going big” just remember to go big on people and relationships. Let the rest of the chips fall where they will.